Come on down to Buzzard’s Edge

It’s been a busy few months. So busy, in fact, I’ve neglected my poor website.

First and foremost, my Horror western book Noose, is out in the world. It’s a blood-soaked bullet-riddled tale of revenge and family. You can pick up a copy here.

In order to get people ready for their first trip to Buzzard’s Edge, I wrote a short story called “Come and Take My Hand”. It serves as a prequel to Noose but you can read either as a standalone. The best part? This story is totally free. Download your copy today by clicking here.

It also includes the first chapter of Noose and an incredible cover by Kristina of TruBorn Design.

I hope you enjoy these stories. As always, if you read them and you feel compelled, please consider leaving reviews Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever you can. They really do help Indie authors.

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