Updates/Praise for Slattery Falls

There are only two days left until Slattery Falls comes out on July 20th. The paperback will be up on, or very close to, release day, and the e-book is up for preorder now here.

On Friday (07.16) I recorded an episode of Ink Heist with Rich Duncan and Shane Keene alongside Ken McKinley and Kenneth W Cain. We talked about the book, the editing process, storytelling styles, and much more. I’ll post the link when the episode goes live.

On Saturday (07.17) Dead Headspace recorded an episode where I took up the guest seat and got grilled by Patrick McDonough, Ken McKinley, Ronald Kelly, and Gabino Iglesias. We talk about a ton of things in this episode, but it’s a spoiler-free deep dive into everything that went into bringing this book to life. The episode will air August 2nd.

Finally, I’ve been posting images with some of the blurbs for the book. I’m collecting them below and also sharing a wonderful, thoughtful review from Erica Robyn. You can read that here.

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